Search and Rescue Canine

My humans call me Hunter. So do my dog friends. You can call me Hunter. I hope we become friends. I don’t communicate much with cats. We all know about them, weird. This is called a blog by humans working on their computers. You know, that thing they spend so much time tapping on and watching the screen, that often we have to remind them that it’s time to eat, go for a walk, play games, or feed us a treat.

My main human and best friend is JC Eckert and he is the best in the world. We live in Houston, Texas. Where do you live?

We do all kinds of fun things. One of the main things is search for missing people along with other dogs, their humans and police. Police usually wear a uniform with a badge and a gun. They call JC and tell him where we need to go to help them find these people.

We ride in his truck. I like to ride everywhere with JC, alongside JC in the front seat. Sometimes the window is down and I get to taste all the good and different smells along the way. Do you like to ride with the window open so you can stick your head out and sniff, sniff, sniff? I have to wear a special collar buckled to the seat belt in case we crash. Sometimes I ride in my crate by the door in the back, especially when I’m all wet or covered with mud. I like the mud. I’m a Lab. Nothing wrong with a little mud. Do you like to play and roll in the mud? I like my crate. I’m safe in there. So I lie down and sleep all the way home. Do you like your crate?

Many of the missing humans are kids, sometimes babies even, or older humans, sometimes others. Not all of these people we search for are still alive, but I always hope they are. JC gives me a different command when he wants me to search for the humans no longer alive. Sometimes we just find part of them, but that makes JC and the police very happy. When I find them, either alive or not, JC yells “good boy, good boy Hunter”. He smiles and jumps around. Then he throws my favorite Kong toy and when I run and get it I bring it back to him and we play tug. He pulls me around with the rope attached to the Kong, sometimes I pull him around with it. He will throw it again and again, until he gets tired. I never get tired of playing Kong and tug. I don’t let go until he tells me to “release”. Then I get lots of pats, ear scratches. Even from the police. Do you have a favorite toy? What is it? JC trained me along with other dogs, now my friends too. I will tell you more about the training later.

I’m a yellow Labrador retriever, five human years old. How old are you? You can see my picture on the screen of your human’s computer. I know. These computers are so stupid because you can’t smell me from the picture. How do they expect us to remember each other? Well maybe someday the human’s technology will catch up with us dogs. We can all smell and remember each other. Please send me a message back with your picture. Make sure there are no humans in the picture. You can show me your favorite toy or maybe the house you live in. Tell me what city or location where you live. But no humans in the picture please. Finding missing people is just one of my jobs. I love to work for JC and other humans. Do you have a special job? What do you do that makes your humans happy?